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What are the shipping rates?

We offer free standard shipping (no tracking) for all Canadian, $100 and above for US orders and $200 and above for international orders.

The following shipping rates apply:

$5.95 CAD for standard shipping for US orders

$19.95 CAD for standard shipping for international orders.

* * * Please allow 2-3 business days for processing * * *

Shipping Times for standard shipping:

Ontario : 3-5 business days

West Coast Canada: 5-7 days

East Coast Canada: 5-7 days

Quebec: 5-7 business days

USA: 7 plus days

International: 15 plus days

We use standard shipping with Canada Post, which does not include tracking.  Expedited tracking is an option at checkout, cost will be provided at check out.

How many times can I use a pair of lashes?

With proper care and storage, a pair of lashes can last up to 5-10 uses.

We do not recommend washing your lashes in water or using an oil based makeup cleanser as it will break down the band.  The band is synthetic, will break down once wet.

You can add mascara, but keep it mind that you will decrease the longevity of the lashes.

How many pairs come in an order?

Every order consists of 10 pairs of the same style of lashes with the exception of our best sellers combo, which is 5 different styles (2 pairs of each style).

Our lashes are affordable and are the must have necessity in a makeup artist or makeup lovers kit.

Where are the lashes made?

They are 100% handmade in Vietnam using both synthetic and human hair fibers. 

Because they are handmade, each pair of lashes may slightly differ.

Where are the lashes sold?

We only sell them online through our website, or through Your Beauty Supply store.  

Please note: We have no affiliation to businesses selling them on Amazon, Ebay or any other store.  Please be weary of buying them elsewhere, as we are the only official Canadian distributors and will not be liable to faulty products.

If you have any other questions, please send us a message